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Sonar Girl Sue’s REMUS Camera

Sonar Girl Sue



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Q. How does the Nauticos Team’s search for Amelia’s Electra also advance scientific understanding of Central Pacific Benthic Marine Life?

While the primary focus of the Nauticos Team’s Mission is to locate Amelia Earhart’s Electra airplane somewhere on the Central Pacific seafloor, the opportunity to collect multi-discipline science information at sea is not missed. When the sonar team discovers a “target of interest”or “contact”that meets the search criteria such as size and intensity reflectivity for the Electra the REMUS 6000 equipped with a high resolution visible underwater camera programmed to take pictures every three seconds and deployed back to the survey area and often captures images of deep sea marine life. Making this data available to the public allows marine biologists and Nauticos Remote Participant Explorers the opportunity to examine Deep Sea Marine Life of the Central Pacific.

There simply isn’t a lot of nutrients in the Central Pacific but life still exists. The Nauticos expedition team hopes you enjoy remotely viewing and learning with us about the marine life in the Central Pacific captured by the Woods Hole Oceanographic REMUS 6000 underwater camera.