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Meridian Passages, Volume XIII, Number 8

Central Pacific Edition

The Sailing Yacht Sauvage

Alan’s Ticket to the Central Pacific

sauvage-yachtOne of Mary Crowley’s (Ocean Voyages Inc. – Sausalito, CA) favorite yachts is the 60-foot Sauvage. The sailing vessel was designed for charter and expedition cruising around the world, and it will be bringing Alan Eustace out to our operating area from the island of Funafuti in a few days time. The crew of Sauvage are sailor’s sailors. They enjoy extensive global cruising to the most remote areas of the Pacific ranging from tropical lagoons to the Aleutian Islands. Mary and Ocean Voyages are proud to use this capable yacht for special expeditions and to share the joy and experience of ocean sailing.

This fine yacht was design by Jean Francois Andre and built in Brazil. Her unique centerboard design allows good access to sheltered shallow anchorages. Captain Didier Wattrelot is a fabulous sailor, born in France, with over 30 years experience as captain. In his youth, he did a single handed non-stop crossing from Polynesia to the Falkland Islands through Cape Horn aboard a 38 foot cutter. After running a variety of charter vessels and luxury yachts, he decided to build his own vessel for exploring wonderful areas of our water world, thus Sauvage was launched.

Sophie, his wife, is an equally amazing sailor. Born in France, Sophie did her first Atlantic crossing at the age of nineteen. She also worked on a variety of maxi-yachts and charter boats. She is a great first mate, hostess, cook and linguist. Sophie has gathered lots of recipes from all over the world and enjoys keeping her guests and crew well taken care of in all regards including cuisine. She also loves sports and is extremely proficient at all water activities. She can paddle canoes, windsurf, surf, kayak and is an expert at standup paddle boarding.

Chloe, their daughter, was born in 1990 and has been raised aboard Sauvage. She began helping as a stewardess, cook’s assistant, deck hand and leader for hikes and dives. She is a certified scuba diver. She is also a credentialed chef and has been deck hand, hostess and chef on luxury sailing yachts.

Nino, born in 1992, has also been raised aboard Sauvage. He is a qualified diver and he is now a certified engineer who works aboard mega yachts.

As a special occasion and opportunity to spend time together, the four family members will all be on board Sauvage during the Eustace Earhart Discovery Expedition. We look forward to seeing them when we rendezvous sometime around March 5th.

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